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Book recommendations for fledgling data scientists, Part 1/3: Practical data science with python

If you are a fledgling python programmer aiming for higher skills, stronger base knowledge, and a deeper understanding of the discipline of data science, and if you enjoy learning from books, here we have some suggestions for you.   Python for Data Analysis Python for data analysis is written by the creator of the Pandas

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OpenAI’s DALL.E makes adorable pictures out of -much less than a thousand- words

One of the most interesting achievements of AI research in 2021 is DALL.E, OpenAI’s deep learning system that can build pictures from text descriptions. The 12-billion parameter version of GPT-3 deep neural network shows some unexpected abilities. It can design new objects by combining unrelated concepts, build cartoonish humanized versions of objects and pets, make

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The Internet of Bodies, playing both the Chevalier and the Dragon.

Most of us have our bodies somehow connected to the Internet. Whether it be through a simple step tracker, activity recorder, a workout app on our smartphones, fitness wrist band or a more special device like a blood glucose counter, a pacemaker, or a smart speaker. So many of these devices are either network-based, network-connected,

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The water doesn’t let you see under the sea? Here’s an AI solution!

    You will never hear someone describe underwater photography as a conventional hobby.  It’s a hard and expensive task that needs a platitude of special tools and methods just to take a picture. All of these together will get you a blue-washed, somehow distorted image that looks like it’s been taken through a thick

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