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Artin Analysis is an AI company with years of working experience in the healthcare industry. Medical Image Processing, Data Mining, AI-assisted Diagnosis, and Prognosis are some of the areas that Artin has focused on. Our team members are motivated and outstanding graduates of top universities who live and breathe data-engineering. We are committed to helping businesses across different sectors harness the power of AI. Our previous experience with real-world data in various fields including Medical Imaging, Real Estate Data, Smart Grids, and Intelligent Transport Systems, has given us valuable insight into real-world problems and applications. We are also passionate about working in new areas and tackling challenging problems. Combining theoretical knowledge on statistics and hands-on experience in practical machine learning techniques has made it possible for us to develop custom data science solutions based on your requirements to add value to your business.

Tumor Segmentation

A deep learning algorithm for accurate segmentation of MRI images to isolate the anatomical objects of interest, which is an essential step in almost any computer-aided diagnosis system (CADS). This assists physicians and medical professionals by detecting damaged areas of the brain, making the process of treatment faster, and more accurate.

Intelligent Transport System (ITS)

Smart cities are not so futuristic anymore. Use computer vision to create a safer, more efficient urban environment. Cities are complex and hard to manage, but any environment or city structure can be safer and more desirable by using ITS to make transportation a delightful experience. Managing traffic, self-driving cars, automatic detection of violations, and smart public transport are just a few possible applications.

Document Analysis and OCR

Save a lot of time and effort with the help of our efficient and AI-enhanced Document Analysis and Information Extraction solutions. You don’t need to spend countless hours handling paper documents. This system can detect written text in your documents with great precision, classify your documents in no time, search for what you’re looking for in them, making your archive easier to handle and less expensive to manage.

Object Detection and Tracking

A fundamental part of any computer vision system used in security and surveillance, human-machine interaction, intelligent transport systems, and countless other applications. Being able to detect objects from different perspectives and tracking moving objects can have amazing applications in monitoring systems, enabling security cameras to act as aware agents that can recognize their surrounding environments and the events happening inside them.

Real-Estate Price Prediction

This system is developed to predict real estate prices of a region based on historical data using data science and artificial intelligence. By analyzing a carefully gathered database of prices in that region and using predictive analysis methods, it can predict future real estate prices. The same analysis can be applied to other datasets to predict other variables like stock or commodities pricing.

Attack Detection in Smart Grids

Using deep learning to enhance the security of smart grid systems and prevent criminal activities like false data injection attacks. Smart grids are prone to data integrity attacks such as false data injection attacks (FDIA) capable of circumventing bad data detection (BDD) methods. By simulating attacks and learning their features and characteristics, the software can detect them even before they happen. This makes a huge difference in preventing attacks and protecting the safety of smart grids. In particular, we analyze FDIA generation using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs).

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