Predictive Analysis Solutions

Humans have always been trying to see into the future. Since we came into existence, we have strived to foresee what awaits us down the road.  Today, with the ever-rising amount of data and creation of advanced analysis techniques and machine learning algorithms, we can use historical data to predict valuable metrics and use the insights to adapt to future outcomes and be a step ahead of the competition. Predictive analysis consists of a range of statistical methods and machine learning algorithms aiming to learn and recognize patterns and trends in data and apply that understanding to predict how certain metrics change in the future. The process of predictive analysis starts with defining a goal, like reducing waste, cutting costs, or increasing efficiency.  According to the desired outcome, suitable datasets are collected and processed so they can be used to develop prediction models. Statistical methods and machine learning algorithms are then used to develop an accurate predictive model based on the data. the model is then fine-tuned and integrated into the business to achieve desired results. In many cases, not knowing what could happen and failing to plan the right actions can lead to unrecoverable losses. Our experts at Artin are ready to help you stand out from the competition.

Fraud detection

Quickly detect fraudulent activities on your network. The software detects patterns and characteristics related to criminal behavior and informs you when a potential attack is on the way.

Smart pricing

With the help of our predictive analysis solutions, you can predict the demand for your product and set the prices dynamically to fit any situation.

Churn prediction

Know when your customers are most likely to stop using your services. Take proper action to prevent losing them.

Energy production

Energy providers can use predictive analytics software to forecast energy consumption and demand so they can accordingly adjust production and distribution.

Credit Score

financial institutions use predictive analytics to predict credit risk and assign credit scores to customers.

Economic Indicators Prediction

Our expertise in statistical methods and developing predictive analysis models empower us to use historical data to predict various economic indicators such as stock indexes or currencies.

Risk Analysis

Carefully assessing risks and threats within any plan before starting to act upon it makes for better choices and better results. Predictive analysis helps you by predicting several factors that could damage your plans.

Process and Quality Control

Identify faulty products before releasing them, avoid shortcomings of raw material, detect possible malfunctions in equipment by implementing predictive analysis.