Computer Vision sollutions

With the help of new developments in computer vision, computers are getting better and better at “seeing” the world around them more like humans and performing tasks which are too hard for humans, like observing a scene 24/7 and alerting their user of any certain event they need to know about. They’re able to detect objects, deliver real-time information about surrounding environments, and make humans jobs easier and more efficient, doing the hard repetitive work and leaving them to focus on what matters.

Medical Image Processing

AI-assisted medical image technologies can detect diseases and abnormalities more accurately and faster than humans.

Surveillance Systems

Take your surveillance cameras to the next level. Smart surveillance systems can recognize their environment, watch for certain events to notify you, detect violations, or monitor and report changes.

Content-Based Image Retrieval

Search for people, scenes, or any other object of interest inside your images. without the need for manual tagging of every single photo, which can take countless hours to do.

Face Recognition

Computer vision software can detect faces in pictures or videos or real-time camera footage. This enables them to authenticate and verify people, track personnel easily or tag photos based on who is inside them.

3D modeling

Computer vision algorithms can be trained to construct a 3D model of a scene or object using only 2D images. This makes capturing 3D scenes easier than any other technique and no need for special equipment.


Using aerial images provided by drones, computer vision software can detect harmed crops, spot pests, or monitor farm products, saving farmers many hours of manual inspection.