OpenAI’s DALL.E makes adorable pictures out of -much less than a thousand- words

One of the most interesting achievements of AI research in 2021 is DALL.E, OpenAI’s deep learning system that can build pictures from text descriptions. The 12-billion parameter version of GPT-3 deep neural network shows some unexpected abilities. It can design new objects by combining unrelated concepts, build cartoonish humanized versions of objects and pets, make

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COVID19: Vaccines don’t cover asians and white populations equally

The good news is that after nine long months of baking pastries and home workouts, the vaccines are finally arriving! In the last few weeks, several world-renown companies, including German-American Pfizer, American Moderna, and the British Oxford-AstraZeneca announced their vaccines had passed the final tests and are going to receive emergency approval to be distributed

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